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Uses Unreal Engine 2.5.

  • I have read a great deal about your master server. From here and from forum. I was happy to find the code to allow me to have my server show up on yours and to see yours in my client. However, I run UT2004. And I can't find the code to do either of those things anywhere. The code you list here: ... Tournament
    isn't code that is found in the 2k4 INI files.

    Can someone help me? I just got a T3 line to use and started up my server again. I would love to use and to advertise it on your masterservers...


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  • Sorry about the delay.
    I'm not sure of the status of supporting UT2004.
    It is or was in the pipeline, but I think there was a problem with something after testing, so it was moved to the "to-do" list.
    Hopefully Darkelarious will clarify the situation.
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  • Status: brick wall.

    There are a lot of things on the list that have to be done. I would have hoped to get started with UT2004 before Christmas, but that did not happen. The order of things planned:
    - https for 333networks (via Let's Encrypt)
    - finishing touches for and implementation as master.333networks with tie-in for
    - set up a donation system for 333networks (we need some moneyz for a new multi-purpose server!)
    - fix a long list of known bugs for the current masterserver system
    - get ut2004 protocol working so ut2004 and games based on that protocol can find support
    - rewrite everything through asynchronous database callbacks
    - add server voting, screenshots and a decent cleanup system for old/outdated/unresponsive servers

    The planning is mostly delayed by my busy life: there's a fencing tournament coming up in February which I will be organising; I work full weeks and only have time in the weekends; I still plan on moving to or closer to a city in the middle of the country. Those cost money and effort too, which means that 333networks is currently on a slow boil. I do hope to find time for this, but until further notice, we'll have to do with slow and silent progress.
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