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09 Jan 2015 12:49

  • It is our intention to provide a place where people can develop new mods together or to have heated discussions about all game-related topics. In order to keep administrator/moderator influence on the boards to a minimum, we have a code of conduct:

    1. The administrator of the board is responsible for managing the forums.
    2. The administrator can assign moderators, but expects them to behave like the administrator and keep interference to a minimum.
    3. No discussion about the rules or their interpretation, the administrator/moderator will tell you if you got them wrong.
    4. You are solely responsible for ALL the content you post on these forums, regardless if it are words, links or other kinds of media.
    5. Multiple registrations are prohibited and are grounds for immediate account deletion.

    General behaviour
    1. Act mature.
    2. Respect each other.
    3. Post enthusiastic reactions, positive replies.
    4. Suggestions and additions.
    5. Allow the other ones to speak of their opinion.
    6. Use proper grammar, correct English (GB, US).

    Unwanted behaviour
    1. Discrimination, abusive language, rude or sexual behavior.
    2. Acting childish, talking about people's grammar.
    3. Spamming and double posts.
    4. Off-topic replies or trolling.
    5. Smiley-based reactions.
    6. Unnecessary use of cAsE and useless color styles.
    7. Using 1337 or 'z0mfgWtFR0xx()r' language.
    8. Discussions regarding politics, religion or other non game-related matters.

    There are however a few subjects that will be deleted without warning and may result in a temporary/permanent ban:
    1. Posting other people's private properties (name, address, phone, private messages).
    2. Selling or whore'n products or links to content containing this.
    3. Porn or links to content containing porn.
    4. Trading illegal software or products.
    5. Warez, cracks, serials or illegally obtained copyrighted content.
    6. Attacks and attempts to hack this forum.

    • Read your message before you click "submit". Some (grammar) mistakes can spread the wrong idea, when you meant something else. A proper reply is a lot better to read. Your language says something about you. Don't use 1337 or short hand language. Use proper language instead of shorthand typing.

    1. Post your items in the right topic, so things stay organized.
    2. Posted items outside the scope of a certain forum will be moved, locked or can simply be deleted.
    3. Use a title that describes the content of your post best. Don't use capitals and 'special' decorations to draw extra attention.
    4. Cross posting within this forum is not allowed. Post your item just once in the appropriate forum.
    5. If you have nothing to say on a certain matter, then don't post. The number of posts does not show the experience of a member. Do not post nonsense to increase the number of your posts.
    6. If you have something not for all people's ears, don't say it!
    7. Keep the image sizes down, so the topics will be displayed best.
    When your post does not comply with these guidelines, it may be removed without warning. We hope that this will not be necessary.

    When any of the above rules does not cover a situation, the administrator will decide what needs to be done. The interpretation of these rules is solely up to the staff of this forum and can change at any time without prior notice. When you have questions about this, please feel free to join the General Discussion or PM one of the staff members.

    If you as visitor act mature, so will we.
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