[UT2004] Vanic0's Relics Map Fixed

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    1/No Zombies solved by adding more ZombieSpawns
    old map *KF-Relics3_Vanicos.ut2*

    2/ UPDATE:
    http://www.mediafire.com/file/mcnhyvhbx ... anicos.ut2

    -The map lagged badly during online play so first I deleted less obvious static mesh pieces.
    -Switched off collision on many items that didn't need it.
    -Complex mesh collision turned off and surrounded by simple collision boxes.
    -Various path fixes and path related fixes.

    Darkelarious suggested delete 1/2 of the entire map. It's probably a good idea. If the map still lags (or I get bribed, cash only pls ^^) I'll delete the unwanted area. But path fixes have killed a lot of the glitches areas so let's take a look at how it runs first :ugeek:
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