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31 Jan 2015 12:22

  • I am Syntax-Error, nice to meet you!

    I started playing Unreal when it was release in the Netherlands back in ' 99.
    I played it daily and became member of CyTh (Cyber Thugs) with CyberMenace as clanleader.
    I hosted the website and ran one of our clan servers.

    When CyTh stopped, I joined [GOD] after a while, where Smirftsch was the clanleader.
    We had a lot of fun.

    When I started to live together with my girlfriend, I stopped playing for about 2-3 years...
    But... The Unreal feeling kept crawling, so I started playing again.

    We are married for almost 12 years now, and am still playing after all those years.

    About 2 - 2.5 years ago I joined [DOG] and am still a member.
    I normally try to play every day, but I don't always succeed ;)

    About 8 months ago a player called me "The Errorist", which I thought was funny.

    I run several Unreal servers (2x DM, 1x KoTH, 1x COOP, 1x INF) and 1 UT2004 server.
    Since I was called "The Errorist", I decided to start TEN : "The Errorist Network"

    When GameSpy announced they would stop Master Server services, I wanted to do something for the community. I installed the 333networks Master Server to provide Master Server services, but not only for Unreal/UT games, but for other gamespy-protocol based games as well.

    I recently started the board/forums, because I heard people asking for one.
    So, I installed and configured it and asked people what is missing...

    I hope it can be a place where people meet up and share info about the great games in the Unreal/UT series.

    I hope you will all enjoy The Errorist Network / 333networks forums!
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  • Rork wrote:KoTH and Coop servers sound interesting, where would we be able to find those?

    Information regarding the active Unreal servers from The Errorist Network can be found on our website http://www.errorist.tk, under the menu item "Servers".
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01 Feb 2015 16:11

26 Jul 2015 12:14

  • I am Snipe34, nice to meet you too!

    I played a little UT in Bris Australia but cheaters made it boring and I moved to BattleField... and to the U.K. And cheaters arrived in BF so back to UT, but in the form of the Killing Floor Mod. The USA, USA f.y. retail version... I played for a few months only, and back to the mod. KF maps: Happy Hour, Gothic... others, BF maps Norway, Big Gun Jill and others.

    Which led me to Game Development (which I'd been avoiding). I'm working on a UDK (UT3) game, KFZ: Krieg, Frieden und Zombies, just a working name for now. It will be cooperative like KF but whether I ever finish it who knows XD

    But I like the KF mod which inspired me, along with Alex it's creator because the mod is innovative, varied monsters, crap weapons, dark often crap textures. But I mean 'crap' in an affectionate sense such as I'd say to a friend, not meaning it negatively. Maybe it's an Aussie thing - you punch your friend's shoulder and it's matey affection - but the English take offence and I was confused at first XD.
    The mod is progressing. Several people have hinted I'll never finish it, fine, maybe they're right but what else would I be doing...? I'm enjoying the process and the challenges.

    I came upon 333 through Darkelarious and KF. Raj of Miasma used to put on a KF server every Saturday. For some reason that I never learned Raj stopped doing that. Darke interceded suggesting to us gamers without a game go to his server, which we did, and here I am.

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  • Howdy there Snipe34 - WELCOME!
    *oh yeah, we are here* ;)
    = Hook =
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    MH Server IP:
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