Abusive server names and fakeplayer "populated" servers

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  • As an introduction, at OldUnreal we have been discussing some MasterServer related problem we have in the community, which exists in other (UEngine) games as well.
    http://www.oldunreal.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/ ... 1423147660

    The problem is how to get rid of abusive and maybe even obscene servernames, which also use a fakeplayer population in order to get into the "populated servers" list where they find more attention.
    It's a bad bad behavior and doesn't speak for our communities, but things like that happen and now we are looking for a solution how to handle this gracefully.

    In discussion there have been quite some ideas, from counting real player amount equals reported player number, to word filters. Problem however is, that player numbers can be faked also and a word filter becomes quickly a can of worms because like spam the number of permutations how even a single word can be written is almost endless.

    Please put idea's and suggestions here how this could be improved from MasterServer side.

    Another idea which is already being implemented is a blacklisting feature for the MasterServer, to be used from the MasterServer status page and also maybe an access to this blacklist via a simple .txt file to edit the list for servers without the webinterface. This however only will work on for MasterServers where the admin himself decides to blacklist a given server, but that's obvious I think.
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  • Hey Smirftsch, nice to see you here!

    The current masterserver has a boolean option "blacklist", but not the tools to toggle this setting. If you have direct access to the masterserver database (either sqlite or postgresql), you could turn this option on or off.

    In the future (probably this or next month), I will try to implement a system that reads the list from a file and blacklists servers accordingly. However, it will be up to the individual admins to decide when and why to block servers, and to come to terms with each other.

    The future web interface will have a simple blacklisting ability where you log in and toggle the settings as admin. The main choke points are the security to keep evil hackers out and user experience for both admin and non-admin.

    I'm working on it!
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  • We have chatted about the issue of abusive names.
    The Unreal games themselves have built-in child-friendly modes, but no such control in the browser.

    For UT, we would have to get Epic to agree to do the same, or there is going to be a clash.
    I'm sure they don't want to show abusive names either, so maybe here is a reason they may finally upgrade.
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  • Then there are those servers that have people (admins too) logging in several times probably using a few comps/laptops in their house.
    One person may be logged in as 3 different players to appear as a populated server, and boost rank of course. :o
    I have suspected instances of 2 or 3 people logged in a few times Each, like 3 logged in 2 or 3 times each for a result of what appears to be about 6 to 9 net players.
    Yep it happens. :roll:
    They can actually Control their server's GS Ranking that way. :|
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