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25 Nov 2015 15:52

  • Looks like that Milk dude from way back when is back at his hacking again, seen him totally botting up in the fv servers as "TeHMilk" last week and again in a demo server this morning as "TehMilk*Test". After getting my ass handed to me repeatedly by his annoying hack I left the server and came back aliased and asked him where I could acquire a tool such as that, he responded that he wrote it and it was for sale with support for some monthly fee or some shit and was compatible across a bunch of different unreal games..... and was undetected in all versions and servers. I asked him for his skype address and acted interested in purchasing, He sent me a screenshot of it and is supposed to be sending me a demo recording of it in action shortly. Here is the ss he sent me on skpe

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27 Nov 2015 05:26

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  • If it is Un-detectable, it might not be in your server logs.

    Anyway, WHO would ever want to bot servers like that - it can't be any fun at all!
    Boring in fact! :roll:

    It is ODD enough, and/or bad enough, that anybody would stoop so low as to use cheats or hacks - let alone PAY for them! WOW :shock:
    Those are truly Desperate people indeed! :?
    I feel sorry for them... :roll: Real sorry for them! :|
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