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  • I'm glad I write here about this great game UT99. Even more I'm glad that the game is still popular and alive.

    Everyday people play UT99 pugs in discord. Yes, we are using discord instead of IRC now.
    I'm sure many people here know what is discord, but I have to describe it. Discord (https://discordapp.com/) is a service where there are irc and teamspeak in one app. You can use it throught the browser but better if you will use the special app for it because of voice channels and so on. When you install discord app you should follow this link https://discord.gg/uS5ZNrc to join the discord server where we play ut99 pugs.
    There are many oldshool top players play with us. Many top players came back to UT99.

    We play such pugs (gametypes) like iCTF, saCTF, xTDM (i2v2v2v2TDM), iTDM, iDOM, sDOM. Recently NW pugs like nwCTF and nwDuel were added.
    Also there are some funny pugs like flakspam (3v3CTF flakarena on special maps for it) and UT Soccer (https://youtu.be/dJ3SZPNMrEM).
    Everyday people play 8 pugs on average.
    BT (BunnyTrack) and nwTDM pugs will be added soon also.

    A new KOTG (King of the Gib) which was named as MOTA (Master of the Arena) was recently held. 1st - ex.DAM` ; 2nd - ex.Solidsnake ; 3rd - Cromaniac ; 4th - [eQ][riveN]
    Right now the first nwDuel cup is being held (link: https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/591e156a140ba040568b45a1/stages/1/)

    Now sign-ups to iCTF DRAFT CUP are opened here: http://ictf.passionategaming.net/ .
    Organisers plan to attract 125 people for this iCTF DRAFT.

    Taking everything into account one has to conclude join in our discord server https://discord.gg/uS5ZNrc where many people still play ut99 pugs and sign up to iCTF DRAFT http://ictf.passionategaming.net/ right now.

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  • #PassionateGaming would like to notify on Monday (June 26) the nwDuel cup which was the first for us was completed.

    1st place - vio.forsezor.xyz
    2nd place - vio.dzejmz^
    3rd place - gln aka ldm69glOnu
    4th place - vio.tkFMz`
    5th place - attaman / vio.cAsp3|2^

    All matches (brackets) including streams-records, results and UTStats you can see here:
    https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/ ... 637139639/

    The final was very stressful but really interesting (https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/ ... 872020980/).
    You can watch stream-record from the final here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mESOleYUGhM

    Dzejmz took a revenge on Turbine after losing this map to forsez0r in semifinal (4-5). In the final dzejmz won Turbine 4-2.
    The final games:
    dzejmz's pick - Turbine 4-2 forsez0r
    forsez0r's pick - Malevolence 34-18 dzejmz
    dzejmz's pick - Agony 5-15 forsez0r
    forsez0r's pick - 1on1-Sph3res-v2 36-16 dzejmz
    After these games forsez0r won this nwDuel cup (3-1).

    At dzejmz's desire 5th map was played. It was Codex (dzejmz's pick) where dzejmz won 20-18).

    #PassionateGaming congratulates the winner and prize-winners and also wishes to thank all players who participated in the cup.

    Great thanks to our team of streamers and commentators: fitonyashka (ft) , </scr1ptom , abc and [GD]JT

    Begin to prepare for a 2v2NWTDM CUP and iCTF DRAFT of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    Join in our discord server to keep abreast of all the news and play with us UT99 pugs https://discord.gg/uS5ZNrc

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  • A little tip on uploading images for web sites.

    Resize your logo to a professional size for a logo, eg, something that fits in a signature panel.
    That way people can actually see it, rather than some of the left side.
    Your logo is bigger than any post you put up !

    I just downloaded the image, and I see it is a huge desktop size ! (Holy f**king moley)
    Create and crop images the size you intend it to be displayed on other peoples computers, not what your desktop is.
    Lazy web designers (that should be fired) use large images and hope that is scales OK.

    Optimisation tip:
    Your uploaded image has 2 pure colours and is saved as a picture containing millions.
    Convert the resized picture to 8 or 16 colours so it keeps any extra shades of grey that were needed to keep it smooth looking.

    RIOT image optimiser http://luci.criosweb.ro/riot/
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