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02 Jun 2017 10:24

  • #PassionateGaming would like to introduce our sign ups to our iCTF - DRAFT

    But just to let everyone know this cup might not go on but it depends on the amount of people who sign up if we do get enough players who sign up we will announce all the dates & information on a later on date if everything goes as planned.

    To Sign Up you should follow this link http://ictf.passionategaming.net/

    Organisers plan to take 125 participants for this event.

    About iCTF DRAFT
    Each player will have his own price. Captains will be elected.
    For a team for example maximum quantity of points will be 35. For instance, a captain mp/5 or riveN (10-11 points) will pick players in his team ... 10+7+6+5+3. So team will have 31 points. I hope it's clear :)

    P.S. sign up http://ictf.passionategaming.net/ and join our discord server https://discord.gg/uS5ZNrc :P

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07 Jun 2017 15:34

  • #PassionateGaming would like to remind players that theirs only 2 weeks to sign-up left for our iCTF DRAFT. We already have 68 players signed up so if you haven't signed up you can do so with the link below & the dates will also be below.

    June 25th - Sign-Ups Close
    July 1st - Captains Pick Teams
    July 2nd - 1st Roung Games
    July 9th - 2st Round Games

    We also are looking for captains for our iCTF DRAFT cup so if interested the sign-up link will be posted below

    iCTF Draft Sign-Ups = http://ictf.passionategaming.net/
    iCTF Captain Sign Ups = https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/ ... nformation

    If you have any questions, suggestions or complaints please message a PICKUP ADMIN or goto our #event-channel on our discord server: https://discord.gg/uS5ZNrc

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