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23 May 2019 01:47

  • Hello,
    I am a newly register member. My callsign is "Cougar", I am 58 years old!
    What caused me to want to be a member is a game I am trying to get the online multiplayer working again.
    The game is "Jetfighter IV", seeing that it is supported here, yea!
    Here is a youtube link of a Carrier trapping with Carrier views, those views did not work in the GlobalStar version until I hacked it and got them to work.


    I am using Ollydbg, Wireshark , Hex editor, other tools, of which I am pretty good with!
    Removing all references to gamespy from jf4 and replacing it with "master.errorist.tk",
    I am now seeing more querying packets in wireshark, and that was great to see!
    I can host my modified jf4 game and see it as a server here, yet there are still problems, have a screenshot of it, just could not find how to upload it.
    It says it is added to the database but it is not there, I looked for it.
    Be looking to meet some members here!
    If I am able to help anyone, let me know, I will try my best.
    I use Teamspeak 3, for anyone who is interest.
    FYI, I was having an issue with logging in to the forums.
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